Brothers Bleeding Blue and Gold

Looser Pool Rules


$10 Per Entry

50/50 Pot

Pool Begins November 5 2016

Second pool will begin Saturday January 21, 2017

Proceeds will go towards the Men’s Hockey Program

Each entry will receive an E-mail notification with Login information and Password. If you do NOT receive an E-mail notification by Thursday November 3 Please contact pool administrator. If you are still alive after week #1, you will need to visit to make your week #2 selection and so on and so forth. If you forget to make your selection, you are eliminated. You can select picks a couple weeks in advance incase you forget or are unable to make a selection during that week. Each particapant will be reminded the Wednesday prior via email to make your pick for the upcoming weekend.


Select one team to lose every Saturday but you can NEVER pick the same team twice over the course of the pool. You MUST make your selection by 11:59pm on the Friday prior to all Saturday games being played. If your selection loses in regulation or overtime, you are safe. All shootouts are considered ties and you will be eliminated if your selection is involved in one. No new entries are accepted once the pool has begun and you cannot buy back in.

There will be two pools this year. The first pool will begin Saturday November 5 and the second pool will begin Saturday January 21. Below are the games for those dates. Pick one LOSER and print your selection in the space provided. The Deadline for pool #1 is October 29 and January 14 for pool #2.

If the regular NHL season ends with contestants still alive, the pot will be split amongst those who are left. If there are multiple contestants alive and they all happen to get eliminated drawing an end to the pool, the pot will be split amongst those contestants.

We Thank You for Your Support and Good Luck to all Participants!

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