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2018 Survey

Apologies for not getting this 2017 season follow up survey to you earlier. It’s just been very busy.

We appreciate your feedback as our goal is to make your experience at the OHAA a very good one. So you will come back each year while sharing with other alumni who may not be participating.

Thanks in advance and have an awesome summer. See you in October.

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Saturday Games
Are you planning to attend our Saturday skates next season?*
Will you be an active member next season?*
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If not coming out, what is keeping you from attending?
Alumni Cup 2017
Did you attend the 2017 Alumni Cup?*
If you did not attend, please share your reason why?
Do you approve of the format?*
If no, what would you do to improve?
Season Windup with the men's team
Did you attend our windup at the Metro Billiards?*
Reason you could not make it?
Any suggestions for a season windup - OK at Metro? Any other suggestions?
Any other "Overall" comments
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Thanks for participating in our survey. We are working to make your experience at the OHAA something special, that you will continue to participate for years to come.
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