Brothers Bleeding Blue and Gold

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The NAIT Ooks Hockey Program has had a tradition of excellence that has stood the test of time. From its very first year in 1965, it has consistently produced an elite level of competition matched by few in Canadian College Hockey. In the past, when our Ook player’s school days came to an end, so did the hockey life we cherished with the gentlemen who took to the ice with on a daily basis. Thanks to the hard work of some current Alumni, this is no longer the case.

In 2000/2001 Andrew Hore and David Quaschnick had recently concluded their careers as NAIT Ooks. Like many of us, the times they shared in school seemed too much to just amputate from their lives. After throwing around a few ideas over many laughs about their times, the OOKS HOCKEY ALUMNI ASSOCIATION was again reborn. Initial goals were to have weekly Saturday afternoon skates, acquire the whereabouts of as many alumni as possible and create a database, and start a bank account to begin the journey which is prospering today. Eventually the vision was to create an association that would be able to contribute to the well being of the current team.

Dave and Andrew’s vision became a reality; and then some. Now for this season, Saturday afternoon skates have a continuous draw of players from the original team in 1965 to last year’s graduates of the program. Youth and experience lace’em up on the frozen canvas to relive old memories and to create new ones. Smiles are everywhere as we play the game for the purpose that life has now intented it to be for us. Fun.

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The Power of Teamwork – NAIT Article

When Andrew Hore (Marketing ’99) proudly dropped off Jacob, his five-year old son, at NAIT’s hockey school for the first time, it brought a flood of memories…..

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